Undetectable Equals Untransmittable means taking your HIV medications as prescribed in hope to achieve an undetectable viral load which means being virally suppressed for 6 months and longer. Those diagnosed can not transmit HIV to their partners. U=U is not promoting condomless sex but wants those diagnosed with HIV to know about their sexual and reproductive health so that they will not live in shame and stigmatize themselves. You are not infectious!

For people diagnosed with HIV and their partners, U=U is a message of freedom a message of hope. It relieves the panic, doubts, and guilt of transmission. It gives a personal choice that so many was impossible to have sex and conceive children without any fear of transmission. It is an outstanding connection to improve the lives of people living with HIV, repair HIV stigma, and inspire those who are living with HIV to start HIV treatment and stay in care to better their health and the health of their partners.

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If you're looking to have your HIV medication delivered to you, contact AIDS Health Foundation to find out how. Jennifer W. King RN who is AHF's Pharmacy Specialist and a PHP Licensed Insurance Agent.

Cell: 954-415-8687 | Fax: 305-405-0048

96 cents of every dollar AHF Pharmacy earns goes to the care and treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS.

HIV Law and Policy is a resource to help those who have been accused of HIV criminalization. To find out the laws in your state, click the link below. For other questions, contact HIV Law and Policy: 212-430-6733

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For testing sites in your area type in your zip code, city or state and it will give you the information on where to go. You can also find symptoms of HIV, global and the US statistic, what are HIV AIDS, and staying in care

There are many resources, articles and information to read about HIV and mental health, HIV and depression, HIV and Policy, long-term survivors and letting people diagnosed share their HIV journeys. Rise up to HIV has made an impact on the HIV community with over 28,000 likes and followers.

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A Girl Like Me (AGLM) is a program of The Well Project and is an online blog where women of all ages can share their stories and promote understanding of HIV through online storytelling. What is a blog? A blog is an online journal or diary where individuals regularly post their thoughts and comments on events and experiences. What is the purpose of AGLM? There are literally millions of women around the globe who are living with HIV and AIDS, yet many feel they are alone in their disease and isolated in the experiences they go through each day. The goals of AGLM are to help normalize HIV and AIDS in women and girls, and to create a space for women living with HIV from around the world to speak out and share their experience of what it is to live life with HIV. If you are a woman living with HIV who likes to write and would like to find out more about how you might contribute to AGLM, please email them at

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